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Top 5 Things To Do In Madrid

1. Tuktuk City Tour
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Taking a tuktuk tour of Madrid is an exciting and unique way to experience the city. Tuktuks offer a more intimate and personal tour experience compared to larger bus tours, and the open-air seating allows for panoramic views and great photo opportunities. Plus, tuktuk tours allow you to easily navigate through the narrow streets and visit hidden gems that may not be accessible by larger vehicles.
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2. Tour Of Toledo
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Toledo is a stunning city with a rich history dating back to Roman times. A tour of Toledo will take you on a journey through the city's impressive history, from the medieval walls and Gothic architecture to the famous El Greco paintings. Discover the stories behind the city's landmarks and immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of this breathtaking city.
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3. Culinary Tour
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Indulge in the flavors of Madrid on a culinary tour, where you'll explore the city's diverse food culture. Sample the freshest ingredients and traditional dishes, from juicy grilled meats to delicious baked goods, all while discovering the unique stories and traditions behind each dish. Get a taste of Madrid like never before, as you savor the sights, sounds, and flavors of one of the world's most vibrant culinary destinations.
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4. Flamenco Show
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Step into the passionate world of Flamenco in Madrid. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and rich history of this Spanish art form, as you witness the powerful rhythm, dramatic footwork, and soulful melodies of the Flamenco dancers. Be transported to another world, as you soak in the energy and emotion of this timeless tradition, and leave with a newfound appreciation for the captivating culture of Madrid.
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5. Take Spanish Cooking Class
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Cooking classes in Madrid are a great way to experience the culture and history of this vibrant city. Madrid is home to a large number of traditional Spanish dishes, and taking a cooking class can be a great way to learn about the history and culture behind these dishes. Additionally, the cooking classes in Madrid provide an opportunity to learn from local chefs and gain insight into the local cuisine and culture.
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Madrid Hop On Hop Off

Don't spend time on planning, this tour provides a mapped-out itinerary of the city's top sights.

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February 7th, 2023
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February 10th, 2023
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