In a world where a restaurant existing for a decade is considered a small miracle, Spain’s Sobrino de Botin is nothing short of amazing – serving guests for more than two centuries! This incredible eatery first opened its doors in 1725 and was known for requiring guests to bring their own meat and ingredients, which were cooked in their facilities. After the original owners passed away without children, the restaurant’s name was changed to “Nephew of Botin”.

Over the years, the trends of the city have changed, but Sobrino de Botin has continued to serve classic Spanish cuisine with the same level of authenticity and quality. The restaurant now covers four floors of seating, each with its own Spanish theme, from the rustic brick cellar to the more formal Felipe IV room. The famous suckling pig, cooked in a brick oven, is a must-try dish.

The Sobrino de Botin has been given a special place in history after its mention in Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises and the rumor that the famous artist Francisco de Goya worked there as a young man. But its lasting legacy is no doubt thanks to its incredible age and the unique experience it provides to guests.

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