Welcome to your gateway to exploring the scenic wonders and historical richness that lie beyond Paris. We present to you five distinct day trip options, each offering a unique perspective of France and its neighboring countries.

Begin with a journey back in time as you visit the Normandy D-Day Beaches and the American Cemetery, each a poignant reminder of the monumental events of World War II. The echoes of the past mingle with the soft murmurs of the sea, making for a reflective and immersive experience.

If fairy-tale castles and exquisite wines tantalize your senses, opt for the tour to the Loire Valley. Here, you can marvel at the grandeur of historic castles and indulge in a wine tasting session amidst the picturesque vineyards of this renowned region.

For those seeking a spiritual and visually stunning retreat, the ancient abbey of Mont Saint-Michel awaits, rising majestically from a rocky islet against a backdrop of expansive sands and sweeping tides.

A hop across the border takes you to the charming city of Bruges. This enchanting Belgian city, often likened to a medieval masterpiece, will mesmerize you with its quaint canals, cobbled streets, and beautifully preserved architecture.

Finally, the world-renowned Champagne region beckons wine lovers. Explore the rolling vineyards, discover the art of champagne-making, and of course, sample the exquisite bubbly this area is celebrated for.

These day trip options from Paris are individual journeys, each offering a wealth of experiences. Choose the one that resonates with your interests and create unforgettable memories.

(Note: Both Bruges and Saint Petersburg have been referred to as the “Venice of the North” due to their extensive canal systems and beautiful architecture.)

1. Normandy D-Day Beaches and American Cemetery Day Trip from Paris

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Embark on a full-day exploration from Paris to the historically-rich landscapes of Normandy, with a special focus on the D-Day beaches. Your journey begins with a visit to Omaha Beach, where your guide will share captivating wartime narratives and facts, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of the WWII events that unfolded on this very shore.

Following this, your itinerary includes a stop at the Juno Beach Center, a cultural hub dedicated to honoring the Canadian soldiers’ contribution during the Normandy Landing. The narrative continues as you pause at the serene American Cemetery, a solemn tribute to the courageous soldiers who gave their lives for freedom.

Throughout the day, your guide will provide insightful commentary, shedding light on the extraordinary sacrifices made by the Allied forces and the enduring gratitude of the liberated French citizens. To make your experience even more intimate and engaging, consider upgrading to a small-group tour during booking. This day trip includes round-trip transportation for your convenience.

Explore the hallowed grounds of the D-Day beaches in Normandy and delve deep into the impactful history of WWII with this informative day tour from Paris.
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2. Loire Valley Castles & Wine Tasting Day Trip from Paris

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Experience the grandeur of the Loire Valley with its majestic castles and renowned wine on this full-day tour from Paris. The excursion begins with a guided tour of the stunning Château de Chambord, the architectural masterpiece whose design inspired Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

Next, we venture to the charming town of Blois, where you’ll have nearly two hours to explore at your leisure. Perhaps sample local cuisine or take a leisurely stroll through its quaint streets. Our journey continues with a visit to the exquisite Château de Chenonceau, renowned for its graceful arched bridge, intricately detailed stone carvings, sumptuous tapestries, and charming chapel.

The tour package includes entrance fees to each castle and insightful commentary from your local guide about the rich history of these 16th-century architectural wonders. Comfort is assured with round-trip transportation from Paris in a climate-controlled coach. The day is punctuated by free time for lunch in Blois, adding a personal touch to your exploration.
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3. Mont Saint-Michel Guided Day Trip from Paris

1075+ reviews

Embark on a full-day journey from Paris to the enchanting island of Mont-St-Michel in Normandy, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With a knowledgeable guide, delve into the captivating history and legends that surround this medieval marvel and its iconic Gothic abbey.

Enjoy ample time to wander around the island and soak up the stunning views of the surrounding bay and the dramatic Atlantic coastline. This tour, ideal for those with limited time, enables you to immerse yourself in one of France’s most iconic landmarks.

Your experience is enriched by insightful commentary from your guide, revealing the fascinating past of this extraordinary place. For your convenience, the tour includes round-trip transportation, allowing you to enjoy the scenic vistas of Normandy en route. Experience a day of awe-inspiring history and natural beauty.
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4. Bruges Audio Guided or Guided Day Trip with Canal Cruise Option from Paris

688+ reviews

Embark on a day trip from Paris to the picturesque city of Bruges in a comfortable luxury coach. Walk through the city’s UNESCO-listed medieval center led by a knowledgeable guide, who will illuminate the history and architectural beauty of this charming Belgian town.

Known as the “Little Venice of the North,” Bruges is home to well-preserved medieval buildings, scenic canals, and abundant history. From April to October, enhance your visit with a tranquil canal cruise to fully appreciate the city’s charm.

In addition, enjoy some leisure time to indulge in local cuisine for lunch (at your own expense), shop for exquisite Belgian lace and chocolates, or explore further into Bruges’ captivating museums. This comfortable and enlightening day trip offers a perfect blend of guided discovery and personal exploration.
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5. Champagne Area Small Group Day Trip with Cellar Visits & Tastings from Paris

100+ reviews

Embark on a full-day journey from Paris to explore the allure of Champagne—the celebrated beverage and its namesake region. This excursion includes visits to renowned Champagne houses such as Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, G.H. Mumm, Pommery, or Mercier. Dive into the sparkling world of Champagne production with guided tours of the cellars and informative sessions about its storied history.

The experience is further enriched by several tastings where you’ll sample a variety of exquisite Champagnes. Relish a delightful 3-course French lunch featuring local delicacies at a charming restaurant in the region.

For your convenience, this trip includes round-trip transportation from your hotel, ensuring a worry-free and immersive day in the world of Champagne.
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